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Showing posts from July 13, 2014

IBM to offer iPads and iPhones for business users

International Business Machines Corp will partner exclusively with Apple Inc to sell iPhones and iPads loaded with applications geared at enterprise clients this fall, the company announced on Tuesday. The announcement, just two days before IBM releases its second quarter earnings, comes as the company attempts to shift its focus to software and services as its hardware unit continues to slump, and follows a string of mobile software acquisitions. The company hopes software sales will contribute half of its total profit by 2015. The company will release more than 100 apps targeting industry specific issues in retail, healthcare, banking, travel, transportation and telecommunications IBM said on Tuesday.

On Gaza BeachAn Explosion, Then Bloodied Children:

There had been a lot of heavy shellfire and outgoing rockets all day, , god-almighty explosion. smoke rising from the beach and from a little hut.Three children, struck by missiles while playing on the beach, were quickly carried onto the hotel terrace. They were covered in blood. Within a minute, journalists were running out from the hotel and people were shouting and pouring out of buildings to helpjust how devastating this conflict is for a population that has nowhere to run.