Boy took selfie with his Dead grandad in a Saudi hospital Sparks outrage

A teenager in Saudi Arabia has caused outrage after he posted a selfie with the body of his dead grandfather.Captioned 'Goodbye, Grandfather', the young teenager uploaded his insensitive final tribute to his dead family member on to his social media, leaving many Saudis shocked by the stunningly morbid photograph.Saudi authorities have launched an investigation into the young man's actions following a torrent of angry complaints. It has been branded deeply inappropriate and 'immoral'.
The grainy photo taken on the boy's phone shows him pulling a cheeky face, with his tongue stuck out in a childish manner.
Positioned next to him, the teenager's elderly grandfather's body can be seen lying still in his bed. His mouth lies open with his head resting peacefully on the side. 

Calls have also been made on social media for an investigation into how hospital staff allowed the incident to happen.Abdul Razak Hafedh, the head of public relations and media in the Madinah area, confirmed an internal investigation was underway.Hafedh told Al Watan: 'The health authorities in Madinah are looking into the case and assessing whether the selfie was taken at a hospital in the area.'Should that be the case, action will certainly be taken against all culprits for allowing or failing to prevent such an immoral act.'He described the teenager's action as 'irresponsible behaviour' and a 'violation of public morals.Mr Hafedh also confirmed that the security authorities had been alerted by the hospital and were helping with the investigation.

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