how to make a 3D hologram with your smartphone from CD Cover

The British YouTuber Mrwhose the boss posted a video teaching how to transform any old smartphone into a 3D hologram projector
- using nothing but a sharp knife, a ruler, pen and paper, a CD case and four pieces of tape.
The projector he created is essentially a low-cost version of Holho - a portable hologram generator. Here's the step by step to create you
r projector easy way:-
1. First, draw the following format.
This is a paper pattern. The design should measure about 6 cm wide at the bottom and 1 cm at the 
top by 3.5 cm high.

2. Find an old CD case and break the edges.

3. Use your template to mark the form on the CD case.

4. Cut out the box carefully with the help of the knife.
You will need four of these pieces in total to do their mini projector.

5. Gather the pieces with tape.
"I originally tried using glue but the piece just fell apart, so that tape seems to work very 
well." Says Mrwhosetheboss.

6. Place the projector on your phone's screen and load a specific video hologram.

7. Turn off the lights and enjoy your hologram.