The World’s Most Compact Solar Charger

Planning to spend a lot of time off-grid with your gadgets? A decent solar charger can help keep your gadgets charged. The HeLi-on solar charger is a highly compact device that fits in your pocket. It comes with a rollable solar charger and a battery to store energy for your gadgets. HeLi-on lets you charge your smartphone in about 3 hours.This charger lets you charge your gadgets directly from sunlight or use the internal battery when the sun is down.

The HeLi-on charger combines three key components into a single product: A large energy collecting solar panel, an energy storage battery bank, and efficient electronics.
 All features are combined in a slick and light design for convenience. HeLi-on will let you charge your smartphone in 2-3 hours* whenever and wherever you need.

You can charge an external device in two ways with HeLi-on: Either unroll the solar panel and charge directly from sunlight or use the internal battery when the sun is down. 

The internal battery can be charged either with the solar panel or with any USB charger. The HeLi-on charger is compatible with any device charging through USB, including: Smartphones, flashlights, cameras, portable game consoles, walkie-talkies, etc. You can charge smartphones, flashlights, cameras, and other gadgets with this. Like what you see? You can find out more on Kickstarter.