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World most Powerful Engine

It is quite likely that many of our readers have already seen this around. It is simply the Wiltshire-Sulzer of 14RT-flex96C, the world's largest turbo-diesel engine, so in size and volume capacity. What you probably did not know is how to build a devouring monster diesel like it.
This monster is part of the family of modular engines, RT-flex96C, which may contain between six and 14 cylinders. The 14 in its name indicates that it is the largest of these engines. They are used to move the world's largest ships, so-called ultra-large container ships. The freighters that use this engine usually have capacity - amazingly - to carry up to 16,000 containers, and can have its length up to 400 meters. Now, imagine the power required to move them against the force of the ocean waters.

Her measurements:

13.5 m high, 26.6 m long and weighing more than 2,300 tons, 14RT has the height of a four-story building. And a lot more work to be built, too.
People involved in the assembly process are looking Oompa Loompa while operating the cranes that put the components into place. The crankshaft, for example, is a giant version of the one in your car's engine, and weighs 300 tons, pictured below:
Since it was launched in 2006, the 14RT underwent some technical improvements to improve durability, and of course, save fuel and obviously reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The largest of these was the use of articulated connecting rods which allow the pistons to move continuously in the vertical, unlike automotive engines, wherein the pistons exert lateral forces wearing the cylinder walls with the passage of time. The wear 14RT cylinder is only 0.03 mm per 1000 hours of operation. Not bad for a cylinder of almost a meter in diameter. Is not it?
The food is made ​​by a system called common-rail two flutes, one for every seven cylinders in the case of 14RT that is 14 cylinders, and valves are operated by a hydraulic system controlled by an electronic control unit - it is worth remembering that there is no control valves. Because of the size and weight of all engine components, his work rate is much slower - the rev range is only 22-120 rpm.
Numbers RTA-96C:

But even turning down so the RTA-96C are absurd numbers: 108 878 horsepower and - pause, breathe - 775,376 mkgf of torque - enough to make a giant ship like the Danish freighter Emma Mærsk, which has more than 170,000 tons, navigate up to 27 knots, or the equivalent of 50 km / h.
You are still not satisfied with the numbers? Want some more numbers? Right. Each of the cylinders has 14RT 96 centimeters in diameter, with a piston travel of 2.5 meters. Alone, each cylinder displaces 1820 liters and develops 7,777 hp - or nearly six times the power of the V8 biturbo 5.0 of Koenigsegg One: 1. Nor there are six copies of the Koenigsegg One: 1 ...

In contrast, more than 300 copies of the 14RT-flex96C are in service worldwide. Together they generate 32,676,000 232,612,800 mkgf horsepower and torque.


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