You must Read this before Drinking your Next Cup of Coffee

For a cup of Coffee 140 liters of water is required. The study was conducted by a university in the Netherlands and published in the World Water Forum, held in France.
For a cup of drink are required 140 liters of water, warns the WFF organization.The study was done with the help of an indicator developed by the University of Twente in the Netherlands. In the study, it was taken into account the impact of the entire production chain.

The 140 liters calculation for a cup of coffee, is from the water used in coffee plant cultivation, harvesting, transportation, sale and preparation, explained the WFF NGOs.
The display also includes the volume of water needed for making the cup of coffee takes it. If milk and sugar are added, and a plastic cup is employed to serve the drink, the "water footprint" would rise to more than 200 liters, with variants if the sugar is white, coming from beets, brown or cane -sugar.Leaving the coffee issue, check the amount of water you spend in daily activities:
Brush your teeth (2 times per day per person) Per Person - 1 liter
5-minute bath in the hot shower (1 time a day per person)  per day - 80 litersSanitary discharge (8 times per day)  Per person - 20 liters
Wash the dishes (3 times daily)  Per person - 15 liters
Wash clothes in the tank (15 minutes 3 ​​times a week)  Per person - 16 liters
Water for drinking  Per Person - 2 liters
Food preparation  Per Person - 5 liters
House Cleaning (1 bucket per day)  Per person - 5 liters
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