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Men fly side by side with an Airbus A380 in Dubai

Have heard of Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet around? No? Well, they are the team known as Jetman, which consists of "pilots" special clothing that transforms the human being into a kind of aircraft. The utopia of time was walking side by side no less than an Airbus A380 in an advertising share of Emirates in Dubai. The landscape of the city course which is amazing, but has no way to take their eyes crazy, doing stunts and curves very close to the plane. The height? You see, they were at 1,200 meters of altitude, a high number for the two men flying, but relatively low for the cruising speed of a size plane. Men were always 300 meters away from the aircraft so that no accidents with the turbine could come to pass.

World most Powerful Engine

It is quite likely that many of our readers have already seen this around. It is simply the Wiltshire-Sulzer of 14RT-flex96C, the world's largest turbo-diesel engine, so in size and volume capacity. What you probably did not know is how to build a devouring monster diesel like it. This monster is part of the family of modular engines, RT-flex96C, which may contain between six and 14 cylinders. The 14 in its name indicates that it is the largest of these engines. They are used to move the world's largest ships, so-called ultra-large container ships. The freighters that use this engine usually have capacity - amazingly - to carry up to 16,000 containers, and can have its length up to 400 meters. Now, imagine the power required to move them against the force of the ocean waters.

Alien Drone Found On Mars

Online alien and UFO hunters claim they have sighted a UFO drone in a photo of the Gale Crater region of Mars captured by a NASA Mars rover. According to the YouTube UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible, a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by a Mars rover — presumably Curiosity — on Sol 64 shows an object that looks like a metallic chunk of machinery dumped on the Martian surface.