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How to Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal in 3 Steps

Wi-Fi is just radio waves, and many things can cause interference. But a strong Wi-Fi signal can give you faster performance and better coverage distance, so it’s important to properly position and configure your router for optimal signal strength. I’ll show you how; it just takes a few minutes. Point the Antenna Up Routers generally have physical antennas that are adjustable. The antenna often comes pointed horizontally to fit the router inside its box. For maximum signal strength, position your router’s antenna vertically, pointing straight up. If you have two antennas, you

Teen Ager catches math error at the Museum of Science

Joseph Rosenfeld was looking at the exhibit at the Museum of Science—an exhibit more than twice his own age—when he saw it.When the Virginia high schooler recently came to Boston on a family trip, he visited the museum with his aunts. Joseph noticed the error in an equation for the Golden Ratio , part of the “ Mathematica : A World of Numbers...and Beyond” exhibit. There were minus signs where there should be plus signs. “It was cool,” Joseph told “At first, I wasn’t sure, I thought maybe I had it wrong, but I was excited.” The Mathematica exhibit was created by design team Charles and Ray Eames, and has been at the museum since 1981. The pair made their name in the architecture and furniture design worlds, and

5 Amazing Sources for Alternative Energy

Most people would agree that fossil fuels simply need to go. They’re the cause of pollution, wars and climate change. Scientists have been researching alternative energy solutions like wind and solar power, and hydrogen fuel for cars, for years. But while some automakers -- like Toyota and Honda -- are bringing hydrogen-fueled cars to market, wind and solar are still more expensive than oil and coal and may not be the best solution for all places or uses. For example, some medical devices that are implanted in a human body could benefit from super tiny batteries that last decades.So scientists continue the quest for abundant, cheap and efficient energy by investigating lesser-known sources, ones that may seem a little unusual, even ridiculous, unrealistic and, in some cases, morbid.

The newest iPhone camera trick just got a big boost from Facebook

One of the new features in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is what Apple calls Live Photos. When enabled in the Camera app, you can tap and hold on a photo to see it animate like a GIF.On Monday, Facebook's mobile app added support for Live Photos so they won't be just viewable in your iPhone's camera roll. When you upload a Live Photo, Facebook's app will show a little "Live" icon at the bottom right of the image. From the News Feed or a profile timeline, Live Photos

Wrong Winner crowned as Miss Universe By Mistake

Shock and disbelief have erupted online after the wrong Miss Universe winner was crowned. Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was announced winner of the 2015 beauty pageant before organisers revealed she was actually the first runner-up. Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was later declared the winner. #MissUniverse2015 also became Twitter's biggest trend of the night as thousands of social media users began to express disbelief using jokes and memes."Talk about awkward," described one Twitter user who "couldn't help" but find the gaffe "hilarious". Another user, Mark Critch from Canada, said: "And the winner is - Miss Information." Facebook users also expressed their opinions on a post shared on the pageant's official page.