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Showing posts from January 3, 2016

North Korea successfully tests its first hydrogen bomb as 5.1 quake detected at nuclear test site

Seoul: North Korea announced on Wednesday that it had successfully carried out its first hydrogen bomb test, a development that, if confirmed, would marking a stunning step forward in its nuclear development. "The republic's first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10 am on 6 January, 2016, based on the strategic determination of the Workers' Party," a state television news reader announced. "With the perfect success of our historic H-bomb, we have joined the rank of advanced nuclear states," the announcer said, adding that the test was of a "miniaturised" device.

US military rejected Google Robot dogs for being too loud

It was supposed t be the ultimate battelfield companion - capable of carrying heavy kit and faithfully following its leader. However, military bosses today revealed they have killed off Cujo, the four legged robot developed by Google's Boston Dynamics, and its smaller sibling, Spot. They say Cujo was simply too loud in battle, while Spot was unable to follow troops without help.  The Google 'big dog' Cujo was last year tested in its first live military trial with Marines in Hawaii. Officially known as the 'Legged Squad Support System', it has taken five years to develop. It can walk and run over rugged terrain, following a soldier while carrying 400lbs of their kit and weapons.