Researcher’s reveal 100 times faster Infrared based Wi-Fi system

Here is a great news.  Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands developed a new infrared-based wi-fi system that offers lightning speed of 42.8Gbit per second which is 100 times faster.This new system, also known as 'Li-Fi', relies on central light antennas to beam rays of different wavelengths to wireless devices. This makes your network more secure and it won't be jammed by other networking devices. Since it relies only on light rays supplied
by an optical fiber with no movable parts, it can be called as maintenance free system with no power requirements.Henceforth, we can say this system is cheap and easy to set-up. The light antennas have a pair of gratings which emits the light rays of different wavelengths at different angles. So, another light antenna takes over, if your smartphone is out of the light antenna's line of sight. It is also said that there is no interference from a neighboring wi-fi network until now and the network tracks the location of all the device using its radio signal transmitted in the return direction. Researchers say that this technique is harmless because a safe infrared wavelength is used which does not affect your eyesight. This system has so far only downloaded the data using the light rays, whereas uploads are done using radio signals. Li-Fi may hit the stores in just five years according to researchers.

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