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Showing posts from January 1, 2017

From CES: World's first 8K monitor from Dell which cost ONLY $5,000

The Dell UP3218K is the first 8K-resolution monitor we've heard of that's actually scheduled to go on sale. That's 7,680x4,320-pixel resolution, or 33.2 million pixels in all! At 280 pixels per inch, it should be even crisper than Apple's stunning 5K iMac with Retina Display. It's like having  four  4K screens in a single panel. And this 31.5-inch monitor isn't just about the pixels: It lives in an all-aluminum frame with

A gaming laptop with a triple-screen surprise

One laptop screen just isn't enough ?, there's the   Razer Project Valerie . This thick (1.5-inch) case holds a normal 17-inch display and two additional 17-inch displays that pop out from either side.  Razer  calls the arrangement "an automated deployment mechanism," which is an overly complicated way of saying they snap into place without needing adjustment.As it weighs around 12 pounds, you'll get a workout carrying it

French startup develops thin sticker which can wirelessly charge your phones

 A new technology can wirelessly charge almost any device including those without in-built wireless charging capabilities, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The wireless charger developed by a French start-up, called Energysquare, was witnessed by CNET during the on-going CES trade show in Las Vegas. Energysquare consists of a charging pad and a sticker that is placed on the back of a device. The sticker sports two electrodes along with a Micro-USB, USB-C or Lightning connector that is plugged into the device’s charging port.