Rent your property to Uber Eats and Amazon deliveries for millions

Its Big Business - and one of the world's most prolific tech investors are now on board
“If you think of parking garages, what they essentially are, they’re just concrete slabs or open-air lots with some white lines so that you know where to park your car,” Ojalvo said.

“What we do, is that first of all we rip out the existing parking system and we replace it with our system, which is cloud-based, and it’s got lots of different features. It’s got features like license-plate recognition, features like biometric recognition, etc. so that you can frictionlessly access the property.”
Once inside, the empty space can support everything from food preparation for meal-delivery services like Uber Eats (also known as dark kitchens, to use industry lingo) to staging areas for package deliveries to pop-up retail stores.

He’s calling it “proximity as a service,” a riff on the tech industry’s software as a service.

“If you think about what Amazon does with their servers, you no longer have to buy servers to operate your business, you basically rent" space from their servers, right from the cloud, and they call it infrastructure as a service,” he said. “And that’s what we do, we call it proximity as the service.”

And while it’s a revolution for what many Americans might think of as parking lots, Ojalvo says it’s really just about getting space back that was used for similar logistics problems decades ago.

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