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Why ancient people were Drilling holes through each other's skull

people around the world practiced a crude surgical procedure that involves forming a hole in the skull of a living person by  drilling/ cutting or scraping away layers of bone with a sharp implement. Thousands of skulls bearing signs of trepanation have been unearthed at archaeological sites around the world. But scientists are still not completely agreed on why our ancestors performed trepanation. Anthropological accounts of 20th-Century trepanations in Africa and Polynesia suggest that in these cases at least, trepanation was performed to treat pain – for instance, the pain caused by skull trauma or neurological disease. Trepanation may also have had a similar purpose in prehistory. Many trepanned skulls show signs of cranial injuries or neurological diseases, often in the same region of the skull where the trepanation hole was made. But as well as being used to treat medical conditions, researchers have long suspected that ancient humans performed trepanation for a quite

Bookings open for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in the US

Samsung has opened reservations for pre-ordering its ‘next generation of Galaxy’ S10. The reservations will be accepted till August 7, when the company is expected to launch its Galaxy Note 10 series. bigger 5G supported Note 10+ alongside Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be unveiled as well. Those who reserve for Samsung’s upcoming phone will need to fill up information such as their first and last name as well as email,  ZIP code, etc. The next step would be to either choose a carrier like T-Mobile, Sprint, A&T, Verizon, etc or simply go for the unlocked variant.